Gracemate Poppy Air Fresheners and LED Bases (Optional extra)

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Genuine Gracemate Poppy Air fresheners, please select from the fragrances below.  
Also available to purchase as a bundle with a choice of USB or 10-30v Plug 7 Colour RGB LED light bases.
Genuine Gracemate Poppy Air freshener MADE IN JAPAN.
Eleven fragrances to choose from.
The high grade liquid perfume creates a fresh, pleasant atmosphere in your car, office or home.
Specification: Volume: 150ml
Dimension: 90X95X95 MM
These air fresheners are the Genuine Gracemate Poppy Air Freshener and can last in excess of 3 months in a vehicle.
1. Unscrew main cap.
2. Remove inner green cap
3. Replace main cap
4. Use provided stickers to place on a flat surface or on our LED bases 
LED Light Bases - 7 Colour RGB
Available in USB (5v) or Cig Plug (10-30v)

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