In Cab

When you spend life on the road it's important you feel at home in your cab. That's why we supply a huge range of in-cab accessories so you can carry on tramping and trunking in comfort.

Make your cab as unique as your CB handle with our fantastic selection of furnishings, such as quality curtains and seat covers. Re-fuel for the journey ahead with one of our cookers, grills or kettles. Take a well-earned break and catch up on your favourite show with a quality flatscreen TV/DVD combi boosted by our range of powerful TV aerials.

Ensure a comfy ride with dashboard accessories, including timers, mats, holders and cab fans to keep you fresh and cool. Plus, you can plan the quickest and safest route with our super-smart Sat Nav systems designed especially for truckers.

  • Catering: Ovens, fridges/cool boxes, kettles, utensils, and water containers
  • Entertainment: TVs, aerials, and accessories
  • Sat Navs/Dash cams: Popular Sat Navs and dash cams specifically designed for trucks
  • Furnishings: Bedspreads, curtains, seat covers, steering wheel covers, and window fringes
  • Accessories: In-cab accessories from phone holders to air dusters

Whether you choose quick despatch from our warehouse or pull in to one of our shops, we're your one-stop for all your in-cab comforts.