Brighten up night driving with our range of interior and exterior lights. From multi-coloured LED bar lights and stainless steel spotlights to bespoke made-to-order chrome and stainless steel lightbars, our range of colours, voltages, sizes, and casing materials will illuminate your cab.

Map reading in the dark has never been easier thanks to our interior reading lights. Maybe you want to make night trucking safer with exterior safety lights. We're also here to help if you want to make a statement with in-cab multi-coloured LED bar lights and quality stainless steel spotlights for the front or roof.

If you're after made-to-order chrome and stainless steel lightbars and roofbars to fit your cab (with fixing brackets and ready-wired), look no further.

  • Exterior lights: Choose from our extensive range of exterior lights for your cab 
  • Interior lights: Customise your cab with our selection of LED interior lights
  • Bulbs: Take your pick from LED capless and bayonet to reverse bulbs
  • Lightbars: 12/24v LED lightbars with switchable colours

Our range of replacement bulbs and lights in various colours, voltages, sizes and casing materials is available for quick despatch from our warehouse or at our shops across the UK.