tips for staying safe on the road this summer

Top tips for staying safe this summer

June 22, 2022

It’s that time of year again, and temperatures are already climbing towards record-breaking highs. As you hit the road this summer, it’s important to remember that hot weather and bright sunshine can pose risks.

Read on to discover some tips on driving safely and efficiently during the summer months.

Know how heat affects your truck

During the summer, inspect your tyres and brakes on a regular basis. Heat can speed up erosion, so stay vigilant about your rig’s maintenance.

Extreme heat can ruin your truck’s oil, which means it won’t then be able to keep your engine properly lubricated. This breakdown of oil can severely damage your truck, and may lead to an accident.

Stay hydrated

Nearly everybody should drink more water, but during summer it becomes even more important. On a warm day in a sweltering cab, it’s vital to make sure you’ve packed a few bottles of water to get you through - even if you’ve filled them up at home.

Low energy, mental cloudiness, and nausea are some common effects of dehydration, which can lead to deadly results when driving a rig.

Wear suncream 

No matter if you’re a short-haul driver getting in and out of your truck all day or a long-haul driver with one elbow resting out the window, proper sunscreen is a must. Don’t skimp on the factors: often, children’s sunscreen of 30 SPF or more packs the most punch for the same price as lesser 15 SPF for adults.

Skin cancer isn’t picky about body parts. The back of your neck, fingers, and even the tips of your ears need adequate protection.

Keep cool - but not too cool

Air conditioning is a luxury we’re all grateful for during the summer months. However, it’s a bad idea to keep it constantly chilly in your cab, especially when doing short-haul routes. This is because moving between temperatures too quickly can make you dizzy, lead to headaches and isn’t good for your body.

When you have the air conditioning on, keep it just a couple of degrees below outside temperature, and switch it off a few minutes before getting out of your cab.

Build a summer kit

You should invest in a few key essentials to keep your summer drives comfortable. A hat, for example, with a neck shield will keep your head and neck cool and protected from the sun. A good pair of sunglasses - with full-spectrum protection, of course - look timeless and preserve your eyesight.

You can get plug-in 24v fans that clip to your dashboard for extra air circulation. Consider investing in a small cooler to keep water bottles cool and refreshing.

The adverse effects of driving in the heat aren’t worth it: make sure you take every precaution.

Stay safe this summer. Click here to browse our range of truck accessories or call us now on 01284 810680...

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