most essential truck accessory

What's the most essential truck accessory?

April 29, 2021

When you’re on the road, your truck is your home away from home. So, it’s crucial to make it as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

There are plenty of accessories that you can add to your truck, but we think that these are some of the most important choices to ensure you’re feeling at home no matter where you are.


It might be tempting to string a blanket up over your windscreen before you go to bed, but a full curtain set is a much better option. Once you’ve closed your curtains can enjoy some privacy, and it’ll help to make your space feel cosy too.

Choose a set with a blackout lining so that your sleep isn’t disturbed by headlights or daylight.


A TV can help you pass the time in the evenings or on your breaks. Many TVs nowadays come with a DVD player or Freeview built-in already. If your TV doesn’t have a satellite receiver already built-in, then you can buy digital antennas so that you never have to miss your favourite show or the next football match again.


Whether it’s your morning cuppa, coffee on your rest break, or a pot noodle when you’re feeling peckish, once you’ve got a kettle in your truck, you’ll never want to be without one again. After all, there’s nothing like a nice cup of tea and a few biscuits to make you feel at home. 

Cab fan

Perfect in the summer months, a cab fan can not only help to cool you down but will circulate the air in your cab to stop it from feeling stale as well. Plus, if you’re someone that sleeps better with white noise in the background, then a cab fan can help with this as well.

Sandwich toaster

A sandwich toaster is another one of those pieces of equipment that’s perfect for an extensive range of meals and snacks. They’re ideal for whipping up a bacon toastie for breakfast, a tuna toastie for lunch, or even a cheese toastie as a snack. Not only are these meals quick to make, but they’re cheap too.

Vacuum cleaner

Ensuring that your cab is clean can do wonders for your mental state while you’re on the road, and a portable vacuum cleaner can help with this. Try to get into the habit of using it after every meal and snack to capture any stray crumbs that you might have dropped - no one likes sitting or sleeping in crumbs.

Gas stove

Arguably the most essential accessory, a gas stove means that you can enjoy hot meals while you’re on the road. Pack a few cans of beans, some soup, or even some canned meals, and you won’t have to keep grabbing a quick sandwich from the nearest service station for dinner.

In our opinion, the perfect truck would have all of these accessories, but we’ll leave it up to you to decide the most essential!

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