50 years of TruckStuff: How have things changed?

50 years of TruckStuff: How have things changed?

May 16, 2023

In 2023, Truck Stuff celebrates 50 years of being the place to go for all of your trucking needs. 

Since first opening in 1973, Truck Stuff have been passionate about providing our customers with the very best products and service - at the best prices!

Plenty has changed since we first opened our doors, though, and here we take a look back at the last half a century. 

Adapting to a digital world

During the 1970s and 1980s, truck stops were commonplace on roads not only in the USA but also in Britain. 

So too were truck shops - we ourselves had eight at one stage - but nowadays they are a thing of the past.

Following the closure of our final shop in Crawley earlier this year, we now operate primarily as an online store

Catering for customers' requirements

In the same way that written tachographs are now a thing of the past, we too have moved away from pen and paper, and now receive and process all orders digitally. 

DVD players and bulky televisions have also made way for much smaller devices, with streaming compatibility now of far greater importance than disc slots. 

An extract from one of our brochures from the 1990s

Items such as CB radios have decreased in popularity since their heyday in the 1970s - largely due to the introduction of mobile phones and hands-free systems - but the iconic communication method is still used both in the UK and overseas.

Travelling in luxury

Like most things, the level of luxury available in trucks has increased drastically over the past 50 years. 

High levels of comfort and performance are now available as standard in all trucks, with a range of features built-in. 

Truckers take great pride not only in the exterior look of their vehicles, but also in the interior, with a range of in-cab accessories now available.  

A shift towards sustainability

It's no secret that people all over the world have become more aware of their duty to help the planet. 

Things are no different in the world of trucking. Companies are increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, striving to build trucks that are more friendly to the planet. 

 At Truck Stuff, we have demonstrated our commitment to helping the environment by becoming a sponsor of The Woodland Trust

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